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Courses and Workshops

Course Description / Levels

Pole Dance Workout combines preparation stretches, mobility or core training, pole spins and tricks, floor work, transitions and cool down, giving ladies a total work out and at the same time build up the various muscles to stay in shape & fitness. Each module varies with different levels hence not one course is identical. We also take great care into pacing with the student’s progress so as to ensure you will have a safe and effective workout.

The Static Pole levels are classified into the following:
Level 1 -- Basic pole-gram 
Level 2 -- Pole-gress 
Level 3 -- Pole-tential 
Level 4 -- Pole-fessional If you have reached Level 4, you are ready to perform pole-fessionally!
Level 5 -- Pole-ficiency
Level 6 -- Pole-fection
Level 7 -- Pole-fic
Level 8 -- Pole-session

Spinning Pole-reographies

Once you have completed Level 5, you are ready to move on to our spinning pole-reographies where we combine spinning pole techniques with a nice little routine. Get Ready to dance for you friends! We offer both intermediate and advance Spinning Pole-grepgraphies

Aerial Fitness

Or you may want to try out our Aerial Fitness Courses, using apparatus like aerial hoop (lyra) or silks (tissu) for core conditioing and strengthening required for circus arts.



You may make payment online via Verlocal, our booking system provider.

Click on the following to book:

For payment by cash or cheque or bank transfers, please write in to our email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Payment must be received to secure a place in the course selected due to limited intakes.

In the event for some the course is cancelled by the company, money will be fully refunded.


Attire During Classes

Sports Tank or crop top & shorts and bare feet for pole

T-shirt or Tank top and tights/leggings and bare feet for aerials.

Heels/Stilettos/Boots may be required for Spinning Pole-reographies

Private or Hen's Party Choreography sessions, T-shirt or Tank top and shorts, depending on the type of choreography 

Terms/Conditions & Legality

1. Students must register and pay all class fees before the course
2. The company and its instructors are not obliged to provide replacement classes or refund for any class missed unless the entire class has been cancelled or postponed due to public holidays, instructors on leave or instructors/studio having prior engagements.
3. Once a course has been signed up for, no changes or refund will be allowed unless the cancellation is made by the company or its instructors. Refunds or changes will be made on a case-by case basis and strictly on the discretion on the company and in some instance, an administration fee of up to $20 may apply.
4. Participants of any of the courses, practices or activities should realize that there are risks of injuries/accidents or even possibility of death associated with all forms of dance or exercises. When you sign up to do a course or class with the studio, you confirm that you are certified fit & healthy to participate in the course/activity and that you voluntarily engage in the activities, and assume all such risks and agree that the studio, its company, instructors or any of the studio/company’s staff, or affiliates are NOT IN ANY WAY responsible nor held liable for any such injury/injuries or loss (or limbs life etc) you may suffer or a result of the classes and / or any other such events conducted at / by the studio/company.
5. The studio/company not liable for any loss of belongings. 
6. The studio/company reserves the right to amend the rules/terms or conditions or schedule 
without prior notice.