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Gaby R


Name: Gaby  Riestra
Nationality: Mexican, Singapore PR
Languages: English, Spanish
Qualification Highlights:


Bachelor in Tourism Management- Mexico

International Fitness Pole Dance Association (IPDFA) Pole Dance Instructor

Acro Polates Performance Team

SG Pole Challenge competitor 2014

Training Areas: 15 years Rhythmic Gymnast, Ballet, Pole Fitness and Aerial Fitness (Hoop)
Personal Interests:


Pole Dancing and Aerial Arts, Rhythmic Gymnastics,

Aerobic Step, Hip-hop, Scuba diving, Snow skiing, travelling , Salsa and all Latino music

Training Philosophy:


A healthy life is a journey, not a destination. Exercise, eat healthy,rest well, push, pamper but most of all, love yourself.

If you are happy with yourself, you spread that happiness around... Looking better will come naturally.


Gaby was born in Mexico City, the daughter of Physical Education teachers. She grew up living a healthy life and participating in almost every sport imaginable. After finishing her Hotel Management degree, she worked all around Mexico. In 1999 she started her international career, living in several countries including Spain, Australia, and Dubai.

Gaby discovered Pole Dancing in 2006 as a spectator in Barcelona (no pole studios there at that time). After moving to Singapore in 2008, she took her first Pole trial and Aerial classes at Acro Polates in 2010. She has never looked back nor been happier or healthier.

She takes advantage of every opportunity to enrich and improve her dancing. Workshops attended include those stars such as Natasha Wang, Marlo Fisken, Amber Ray, Michelle Shimmy, Evgeny Greshilov, Kristy Sellars, Phoenix Kazree, Anastasia Skukhtorova, Polina Martyanova and many more.

An instructor since 2015, she is keen to share her Latino Sangre y Ritmo. Her classes will challenge you, both on the pole and on the floor. Bring out your inner hotness!


Ting Ting L

jtp 2880

Name: Ting Ting Lee
Nationality: Singaporean
Languages: English, Chinese
Qualification Highlights:

Cerified Pole Fitness Instructor (IPDFA) International Pole Fitness Association

Acro Polates Pole Performance Team and Fly Acro Aerialist Performance Team,

SG POle Challenge 2014 Open Singapore Champion

Miss Pole Korea 2014 Semi-Professional Runner-up

Training Areas: Pole Fitness, Aerial Fitness
Personal Interests:


Pole Fitness, Aerial Fitness (Silk, Trapeze), RockClimbing, Travelling, Eating,

Wildlife Documentaries

Training Philosophy: What you habitually think largely determines what you will ultimately become. Do not underestimate your abilities.


Ting Ting discovered pole fitness 4 years ago when she chanced upon a live performance on the streets. Intrigued by the acrobatic stunts showcased with seemingly effortless grace, she signed up for her first pole lesson and never look back ever since.

She loves how pole brings strength and beauty together so seamlessly, and how different styles can be expressed with different genres of music.

She enjoys teaching and is eager to share her knowledge and tips to students. She also firmly believes in working hard to strive to become a better performer and teacher.


Natalia Li

natalia image



Natalia Li




English, Basic Mandarin


Qualification Highlights:

Certified Pole Fitness Instructor by International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA)

SG Pole Challenge 2012 In-House Category 1st Runner Up

Training Areas:

Pole Dancing

Personal Interests:

Pole Dancing, Yoga, Music, Fashion, Food

Self introduction:

Natalia has always had a keen interest in dance, since her first ballet lesson as a little girl. She continued to pursue this interest in school, performing regularly and even competing as part of a dance group


She truly found her passion when she discovered pole dancing in 2010. In just a few short years, she has acquired skills and accomplished a level of fitness previously only dreamed of. Natalia regularly performs at events and has competed, coming in as the 1st runner up in the SG Pole Challenge.


She is passionate about teaching and strongly believes in creating a fun, safe and supportive environment for her students.


image of natalial



image of ming

Name: Ming Leong
Nationality: Singaporean

English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Qualification Highlights:

Bachelor of Arts (NUS)

Certified Pole Fitness Instructor by International Pole Dance Fitness

PDC (Pole Dance Community) 3 Star Approved Instructor

Training Areas: Singing, Pole Dance, Aerial Arts (Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silk)
Personal Interests: I have made every of my personal interests into a career
Training Philosophy: If you yearn, get down and learn

Ming has always enjoyed the stage.  As a student, she was used to performing at school events. After graduating from NUS with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, she took the normal corporate path but there was hardly any passion in what she was doing. She was certain that performing would not be a life-long career but took the chance to make the switch anyway, and that switch soon proved to be life-changing. The singing competition titles she won definitely helped launch her, and soon got her sporadic assignments to perform at corporate events.  She has not looked back since. 17 years later, she remains one of Singapore’s top veteran performers, known more popularly as Singapore’s ‘Suzie Wong’.

Ming chanced upon pole dancing when she wanted to expand her performance skills. She fell in love with pole instantly when she attended her first class. Shortly, she tried to introduce pole dance performance to corporate events. It was hard trying to convince clients in the beginning that pole dancing is both athletic and tasteful, and not confined to clubs. She persevered and soon became the first to incorporate pole dance with singing in corporate gigs and to date, this fusion act is one of the more frequently requested acts, and it helped that her show is called the “Pole-fessional” Show. The show has been performed before Ministers, for MNCs, government bodies, hospitals, you name it. Most of the time after a performance, she gets impressed female guests running after her to ask where they can learn pole dancing, that was when she decided to teach pole dance for fitness. It was a big pat on her back when her team of 10 pole performers was asked to perform in National Day Parade 2009. Ming now owns Acro Polates which offers both pole and aerial fitness courses.

Another affirmation that pole dance is now a recognized form of healthy sport/dance when a fitness gym opens pole dance classes and collaborated with Acro Polates to provide instructors.

PDC Approved 3 Star Instructor

Lydia K

image of lydia

Name: Lydia Koh
Nationality: New Zealander/Singapore PR
Languages: English, Mandarin (Basic)
Qualification Highlights: Viva Vertical Pole Fitness GYM Certification endorsed by International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) and Aerial Arts Academy ,Circus Instructor and performer-Club Med 2008, Opening of Singapore Heritage Festival ( Aerial silk performance) , Bachelor of Science (honours)-Australia
Training Areas: Circus Arts ( Aerial silks, Spanish web, Flying trapeze, Double trapeze, Adagio)
Personal Interests: Circus, pole dancing, extreme sports, the All Blacks, animals, travelling, meeting new people, the beach, sunshine, chocolate
Training Philisophy: With determination and self-motivation, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Choose a workout that is fun and enjoyable that will challenge you physically and mentally and never give up!



Lydia was born in New Zealand and moved to Singapore when she was 7 years old.  During her University days in Australia, she got her first taste of pole dancing and aerial circus arts and fell in love with these unique and challenging forms of exercise. She went on to teach pole dance fitness classes in Adelaide and conducted pole demonstrations at parties throughout the city.

After graduation, Lydia went on to work for Club Med Phuket as a Circus instructor, where she instructed and performed a variety of circus acts such as the Spanish Web, Flying Trapeze, Aerial Silks, Double Trapeze as well as Adagio.


She also spent a year in Sydney teaching gymnastics in primary schools. Since returning to Singapore, Lydia has continued to pursue her passion for pole dance and aerial fitness and is very keen to bring popularity to these fitness forms in Singapore. Pole dancing incorporates all the elements of an excellent work out routine – strength (it will strengthen and tone your entire body), stamina, flexibility and grace… and all whilst you are having a ton of fun! 

Gwen W


image of gwen


Name: Gwen W
Nationality: Malaysian (Singapore PR)
Languages: English, Chinese and Malay
Qualification Highlights:

Pole Dance Performance Team , SG POle Challenge 2011 In-House Category Champion

Training Areas: Pole Dancing
Personal Interests: Pole Dance, Running, Cooking and Baking
Training Philosophy: There is always an excuse to start tomorrow? Why not start now?


Gwen's  interest in dance was sparked by a chance to perform in a corporate event. The experience created a hunger for her  to explore new dances. She first picked up modern jazz then later belly dance. When  she saw some pole dance videos and pictures, she got intrigued and curious about pole dancing. Three years ago she started taking pole dance fitness lessons under the tutelage of Eunice S and Ming L, and have since developed a strong passion. Now her  fitness regime incorporates mainly running, pole dancing and aerial fitness. Running is great for the cardio while pole dancing/aerial fitness increases strength, control and flexibility which she finds very complementary.

This year she took part in the In-house category of the SG Pole Challenge and was glad to be awarded Champion. She is  ready to take the step of imparting pole dance skills to new comers.

Joyce Ho

joyce ho



Nationality: Singaporean
Language: English and Chinese



Certified Pole Fitness Instructor by Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA)

Pole Dance Performance Team

SG Pole Challenge Competitor 2012

Aerail Performer of Chingay 2016

Training Areas: Pole Dancing
Personal Interests: Pole Dance, Circus act, Seasports, Animals
Training Philosophy: It's not easy to take the first step to achieve your goal, but once the first step is taken, you will never regret.


Joisie was looking for a decent place to learn the interesting sport when she stumbled upon Acro Polates in 2009 when the studio just emerged. With no dance or gymnastic background, she came a long way to become one of the members in performers team and now one of the instructors to share her passion with everyone. She is also exploring her strength in aerial hoop and trapeze.

She loves how pole dancing has built her body and confidence over the years. Joisie treasures every opportunity she had to gain performance experience and to attend workshops from renowned pole experts from all over the world. She is delighted to be able to share what she had gained with others through teaching.