TRICKS CLASSES (Level Classes)

Commence your pole journey with our Pole tricks classes. We focus on building strength, flexibility and a solid foundation to achieve breakthrough in your fitness journey.




Start your pole journey with us here. You will learn the basics of pole dancing, pole handling, basic spins, simple weight bearing moves. In this level, we aim to improve arm and upper body strength.

Our Levels:

Beginner 1 -  No pre-requisites

Beginner 2 - Complete beginner 1 or able to do pole climb

Beginner 3 - Complete beginner 2 or able to do invert crucifix and layback 




Your journey to inversions starts here. Explore different grips that improves overall strength needed for newer, more challenging tricks as as your strength builds up progressively through the levels.


Our Levels:

Intermediate 1 - Complete beginner 3 or able to do Gemini (outside leg   

                            hang) a

Intermediate 2 -  Complete Intermediate 1 or able to do butterfly

Intermediate 3 -  Complete Intermediate 2 or able to do shoudermount

Inter - Adv 1 - Requires assessment 

Inter - Adv 2 - Requires assessment 

Advance 1 - Requires assessment 




Our men's pole syllabus is tailored especially for men - focusing on strength. After learning the necessary foundation that focuses on strength control,  this class will challenge you with stronger, more dynamic tricks as you progress! focuses on building foundations strength based tricks 

Our Levels:

Beginner  -  No pre - requisites

Intermediate- Complete beginner or able to aerial invert



Put what you have learnt in tricks class into full combos in our combo class. and learn how to transition in between tricks.

Our Levels:

Intermediate  - Able to invert from floor and a gemini and scorpio ( outside  

                            & inside leg hang)

Advance  -  Able to aerial invert and do an ayesha.




choreo CLASSES

Discover your own individuality in our choreo class! Our instructors will work with you to explore your own unique style in our series of choreo class.


open Choreo

One new choreo every single week! For anyone who wants to explore a different style of dance, this class is for you! Ranging from pole to chair to pure dance class, this class offers a wide variety of levels in different style.

You can book the whole term, half term or by per class basis.



Exotic Choreo


Dip your heels into exotic with our exotic class. Classes will be in either static or spinny pole. Learn basic exotic floor moves, body waves and heel techniques in this class.

Gaby’s Exotic (Inter / Adv)

 Dance to instructor Gaby’s Signature style in this class. Known for her rock style, you can expect kips, flips and tons of attitude in this class!

Pre-requisites: Able to invert from floor



patrick's contemporary (Inter / Adv)

Explore body movements and shapes in this class with Patrick. With his unique style, you will be sure to find yourself flowing seamlessly between floor and pole.

Pre-requisites : Able to aerial invert



Beginner / intermediate

Perfect for beginners wanting to give choreography a try. Expect pole tricks on spinny pole and learn pole to floor transition and vice versa. No heels is required for this class.

Pre - requisites: Able to invert from floor


chair Choreo

If you want to try something else, our chair choreo class is perfect for you. Learn to marry chair and pole elements and transitions between chair and floor. 

Our Levels:





We offer a range of supplementary classes that will complement your pole and other fitness classes. 

splits and backbend

In this class, you will work on both active and passive flexibility as well as strength and conditioning that will help you achieve deeper splits and backbends


Pole Conditioning and flexibility

A class that focuses on workouts that aim to condition your strength and flexibility to help you with your pole tricks!