Pole Tricks

Commence your pole journey with our Pole tricks classes. We focus on building strength, flexibility and a solid foundation to achieve breakthrough in your fitness journey.

Beginner Level: You will learn the basics of pole dancing, pole handling, basic spins, simple weight bearing moves. In this level, we aim to improve arm and upper body strength.

Intermediate Level: Pole climbs and sits, your journey to inversions starts here. Explore different grips that improves overall strength needed for newer, more challenging tricks as you progress.

Advance Level: Go crazy in our advance trick class and link different challenging tricks to create your own pole style!

Pole Lyrical

Learn how to marry together pole tricks and lyrical dance elements together in our Pole lyrical choreography class. You'll learn new combos and transitions from pole to floor while working on the emotion and musicality of the song. This class will build up your strength and endurance steadily throughout the term.

Pole Exotic

Get your heels ready for our Pole Exotic class!  Explore the different styles of sexy to discover you own individual sensuality. Expect lots of cat pounce, body waves and rolls as well as hair flips.


Aerial Pole

A pole with a difference! While a regular pole is attached from ceiling to floor, this one swings attached only to the ceiling. This class will challenge your motorskill and stability compared to a standard pole


Stretch & Conditioning