Monkey Hands Grip

Monkey Hands is a gel grip aid designed specially for pole dancers.

Premium airless bottle packaging now contains 25% more grip and is designed to reduce product waste. 


We currently carry the red version, which is the sticky. It helps your hands stop sweating and provides strong additional grip when practicing. Best for beginners and pole dancers who struggle with sweaty hands.


Bottle Size:

60ml (Small)

150ml (Big)


Unlike most grip aids Monkey Grip does not contain Pine Tar. Pine Tar is difficult to remove from  your pole without the use of acetone or harsh chemicals which damage the coating on your pole in the long term. Monkey hands can be removed using water.




  • Protection from excessive exposure to air provides your liquid product with a longer shelf life.
  • The vacuum dispensing effect, draws up a disc and dispenses the product out of the bottle. This creates less liquid wastage.
  • A higher quality packaging solution.
  • The liquid contents are dispensed via a metal free path removing the risk of oxidization.
  • Airless containers can dispense equally well on their side or upside down due to the vacuum dispensing system.

Monkey Hands Grip