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First in Singapore to bring in the Lyrapole and providing classes - Lyrapole or lollipop is an interesting apparatus that marry pole and hoop together. You will be experiencing tricks for both pole and hoop with this apparatus!


exotic lollipop choreo

For exotic lovers who wants to try something new, this exotic class is sure to challenge you!

You will learn how to transit sensually between tricks while learning the choreo!

Pre-requisites: Able to do invert from floor


lollipop choreo (non - heels)

With a focus more on tricks and techniques, this choreo is for those who wants to push themselves further and work on their endurance. 

Pre-requisites: Able to do aerial invert 


lollipop tricks 

Expect new tricks with each class in this lollipop tricks only class. You will work on your strength progressively in this class as you explore more tricks. Variations will be given.

                                                          Pre-requisites:  Able to do invert from floor.


aerial pole

It's a pole but flying! 

Instead of having a fix point on both ends, aerial pole is rigged only at one end, allowing the pole to move and spin freely in a different way compare to the conventional pole. This class is great for polers who wants to try a new exciting way to pole!


beginner aerial pole choreo

Pre-requisites: Able to do invert from floor


intermediate aerial pole choreo

Pre-requisites: Able to do aerial invert 



Silk is a performing art form in which one (or more) aerialists perform acrobatics acts while hanging from a fabric. Aerialists climb the suspended fabric without the use of safely lines and rely only on training and skills to ensure safety. The fabric is used to wrap, suspend, drop, swing, spiral, loop and hang the aerialists in and out of various positions.


This class is suitable for students who are complete beginners. We will teach you the basic fundamentals of fabric handling, climbing, hanging, wrapping and how to be confident and comfortable on the silks. To ensure safely, tricks in this class are taught from a low height and consist of beginner level tricks such as Single Footlocks poses and Splits. 

                                                          Pre-requisites: None required.



This class is suitable for students who are comfortable with doing tricks on the silks at a low height.


Students will be conditioned to increase strength and taught more variations of silk climbs, hang, wraps and poses such as Skater Split and Double Ankle Hang. Intermediate-level silk drops such as Salto and Fake Nappy Drops will also be introduced.

                                                          Pre-requisites: Complete Beginners



Bring your skills literally to another level in our advance course. You'll learn bigger and bolder moves in this class such as stardrop and candy cane drop. Combos will be taught in this class. 

                                                         Pre-requisites: Complete Intermediate silk.







In our combo class, you will learn new tricks and transitions to link tricks together smoothly! A great way to build endurance and strength as you progress.

                                                          Pre-requisites: Assessment required. 






We curate this syllabus especially for children age 7 to 12. Our instructor is specially trained to provide a safe and fun environment for your children to experience aerial arts such as silks, hoop and trapeze. For more information, please kindly contact us at +65 9652 5983.